An Italian community brought together by a common purpose

My hometown friends in Italy have shared this and other great photos showing the work preparation for the procession of Corpus Domini, a religious feast that every year, in June, celebrates Jesus's Presence in the Eucharist. This event was very special to me while I was growing up “nel mio piccolo paese” (in my little town) because, for the occasion, all people in town were brought together by a common purpose and a strong sense of community. In fact, every year, in occasion of this celebration, they would get together and decorate the streets with fresh flowers petals and leaves, ground coffee and flour, with which they would create "capolavori" (masterpieces) making each street look like a

Italian Treasure Found in Cape May

Meet Ron Stanton (in the video), a Greenwich, CT resident, the new and proud owner of The Angel of the Sea B&B in Cape May, New Jersey. He and his beautiful wife Theresa have one more reason to be happy and celebrate life these days: they have just purchased this magnificent, historic Victorian landmark at 5 Trenton Avenue, at the corner of Beach Avenue, a stone throw from the beach, in Cape May. Not to mention, The Angel of the Sea is also one of the best B&B in America. Ron, who is half Italian with roots in Basilicata, Southern Italy, and a successful entrepreneur in Connecticut, has already brought a bit of Italy in Cape May. In fact, in addition to the afternoon tea time at 4:00 p.m.,

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