Matera, City of Caves!

Matera is a neolithic Southern Italian city situated in the region Basilicata. It is the 3rd oldest city in the world (1. Aleppo in Syria; 2. Jericho in West Bank) and was once home of the writer Carlo Levi, author of the famous book "Christ Stopped at Eboli." It is also here, in Matera, among its medieval homes carved in rocks and caves, that Mel Gibson's movie “The Passion of Christ” was filmed. At night, the city looks like a 'presepe' (nativity scene) and because of its beauty, medieval-looking scenery and cultural heritage, Matera has been named host of the European Capital of Culture for 2019 and has become a new best destination for travelers. This is so ironic since after World War I

"Antique Traditions of Sicily Tour"

Sicily is one of the most captivating places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Rich in history, unique culture and traditions, this triangular-shaped island is also called "The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea." Autonomous region of Italy, separated from the Italian Peninsula by the Strait of Messina across from the Region Calabria, Sicily is home to artists, historians, archaeologists, writers, poets, photographers, film makers from all over the world who have a very good reason to make the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea as their own special place. They are all intrigued, dazzled and inspired by Sicily’s own and unique history, art, customs, language (Sicilian) and pi

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