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“I look forward to my Wednesday evening class.  It is always the best day of the week. Classes often followed my nightly commute from the city or a long trip back from out-of-state client locations."


Mark Tuscano

IT Executive

Hewlett Packard

"Studying Italian with Lee was a wonderful experience and she made every class different and fun. Our content was focused on surviving in Italy as a tourist and so we role played different scenarios and she made sure we understood how to communicate what we needed whether it was losing a cell
phone in Tuscany or making a dinner reservation in Positano.  Although the class was not focused on grammar or vocabulary, we definitely learned a lot and improved our comprehension week after week.  She challenged us all regardless of our prior knowledge or understanding of the language. Lee made learning easy and I would encourage anyone who wants to learn Italian or improve their language skills to study with Lee.  I will definitely sign up for a future class."


Jane Dally

Managing Partner

On Course Strategies, LLC

"I wanted to brush up on my Italian skills for an upcoming trip to Italy so I signed up for Lee’s class. She was very insightful and knowledgeable and  the class was very useful for addressing common situations, such as ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions, expressing a medical issue, or introducing yourself. I really enjoyed our final class which took place at a local Italian restaurant. We practiced ordering in Italian and speaking Italian with the owner and with each other, so this was as close to a real life situation as possible. I am now more confident about being able to communicate when I go to Italy and this was a fantastic refresher course for me."


Annalisa Harding

Newman's Own

Annalisa Harding Photography


"I absolutely loved Lee DeMilo's class. Her Italian for Tourists was spot on. She gave us hands-on experience with what we would encounter on a trip to Italy. And the field trip to an authentic Italian restaurant to try out the language certainly didn't hurt either! Anyone who wants to visit Italy should visit Lee first!"


Eileen Weber,

Freelance Writer

Fairfield Magazine

Wilton Magazine

Fairfield Green Food Guide

Natural Awakenings Magazine


"Lee DeMilo is an excellent teacher and communicator.  She has a deep knowledge of the Italian language and, just as important, the culture.  When Lee teaches a topic, she makes sure we understand before moving on and is always available for extra assistance. She gives us confidence and makes learning fun!"

Robert LaBanca



Impression Point, Inc.

Stamford, CT



"Lee DeMilo has a true passion for teaching and for all things Italian.  She creates a wonderful atmosphere in her class where you not only learn the Italian language but also about the rich history and culture of Italy.

Each class feels like you're spending the evening in Italy with family.  A truly enjoyable experience that I look forward to each week. Thanks, Lee, for everything." 


Johnny Cusato

Westport, CT 

"Studying Italian with Lee DeMilo is a wonderful experience! Lee is an energetic and entertaining teacher. She has developed her own texts for teaching language and grammar -- her explanation of verbs is the easiest, most logical explanation I have ever had -- and also uses material from newspapers, magazines and books in order to build vocabulary, along with the occasional Italian film. For anyone who is studying Italian in order to travel to Italy she provides plenty of insight in how to get around like a native. Love Lee's classes!"


Marianne Paradiso

Database Programmer

Redding, CT

"Lee DeMilo is an excellent teacher.  She thoroughly prepared helpful materials for each class, and always made a great effort to communicate the lessons to the class.  In addition to grammar and vocabulary, she also taught us about Italian manners and culture, which was very interesting.  Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons:)"


Molte grazie!

Terry Lively

Casalinga - Housewife

Westport, CT

"I took Lee’s Italian for Tourists course before my first trip to Italy. The classes prepared me well for traveling in Italy and inspired me to continue my language studies when I returned. 

Lee’s passion for her native language and Italian culture make learning a genuine joy."


Stephanie Gaj

Publishing Professional

Greenwich, CT

"A milestone birthday was approaching.  While studying Italian with Lee DeMilo, I was inspired to take advantage of Lee's other talents as an experienced Italian chef and caterer, and celebrate with an Italian-themed party for 40 family and friends.  Lee collaborated with me and provided thoughtful menu suggestions and the perfect musicians for the occasion.  The result was a wonderful experience with excellent cuisine in a charming and convivial setting.  My husband and I were free to enjoy the party and our guests, and our guests were delighted by all.  It was the best birthday gift I could receive."


Michaele Taylor

Kathleen Cragan Interior Design

Wilton, CT

"Learning Italian with Lee was fun!  She tailored the instruction to the class and made it relevant.  We quickly learned to get a hotel and go to a restaurant and order food and wine.  A great way to meet and interact with other adults who want to learn."


Paul Niche


Fairchester Driving Service



Karen M.jpg

"Lee is an amazing teacher.  I learned so much in her "Italian for Tourists" class.  I felt confident traveling to Italy after taking her class.  She taught us everything we needed to know to shop, order in a restaurant, navigate around the airport and ask to have simple conversation with the Italians. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to learn the Italian language and the culture."  


Karen Mulreed

Westport Mortgage


 "Who better to study the Italian language than with a native?  My experience with Lee lasted only 10 weeks, but in that short time, I gained a working knowledge of the language, a comfort level in correctly pronouncing the words, and a love of the language and the Italian culture.


We met once a week in the snug kitchen of Signora DeMilo's beautiful home in Connecticut's historic Silvermine area.  Lessons began promptly on the hour, often accompanied by coffee or a tasty morsel.  But all energy and focus was on learning to be conversant in basic Italian.


La Signora DeMilo suffuses humor into the lessons -- resulting in better memory retention.  Her course is not steeped in grammar and verb declension.  Rather, she focuses on the spoken word - with relevant understanding of usage and sentence construction.  She has divided the ten-week course into actual "life segments", aligned with a traveler's anticipated stay in her homeland: pleasantries, arrival, in the taxi, at the hotel, dining, shopping, currency, etc.  


By the time I arrived in Italy, I was able to greet people, exchange pleasantries, ask how to find the car rental counter, the ladies' room, the airport exit ... and read the road signs between Milano and Como!


Lee makes learning fun and her fresh, effervescent approach stays with the student, even as they step onto Italian turf."


Jan G.

New Canaan, CT

Sarah Steinhardt


Piano Teacher

New York, NY


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"Lee DeMilo's approach to teaching Italian is much like having a get-together with good friends...she's warm and enthusiastic about her beautiful language and so pleased by every step her students conquer!   She provides a fun-loving environment filled with kindness, patience and good stories about life in Italy!  I loved learning Italian even though it didn't come naturally to me!  Lee is a gifted teacher who encourages her students to absorb the language with kindness and humor!"


Laura Overton

Westport, CT

"Lee's method and perseverance is amazing!  What a fantastic and fun way to learn Italian.  I have learned so much from her.  Brava Lee!"


Karen Fischer,

VP Design, Weston, CT

"Lee DeMilo is a wonderful teacher whose classes are just the right combination of challenging and fun. She targets the coursework -- which is varied and always relevant—to students' individual needs and interests. I recommend her classes to those seeking an introduction to Italian, those with an advanced knowledge of the language and everyone in between!"


Karen Lanza


Norwalk, CT

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