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How Lingua e Cucina was Born

Photo courtesy of FJD

Italian culture and cusine

Lee is going back to her roots to find a new purpose in life

The concept of combining the Italian language, culture, lifestyle and organic cuisine was born during Lee's struggle to defy death following a severe allergic reaction to Sheetrock during the renovation of her historic house in Silvermine, Connecticut.

During her saga, she discovered Usui Reiki® and Karuna® and became Master of these Japanese healing techniques that she performed free of charge for many years to help others, besides herself.


Today Lee lives with an auto-immune disorder, which affected her lungs and connective tissues.  In her memoir, she talks about her saga, her struggle for her own survival, what helped her defy death and how she found a new purpose in her life.   


She also unveils the concept of Lingua e Cucina and how it changed her life.

Lingua e Cucina brings a bit of Italy in Silvermine
Italian language and culture infused with the "flavors" of Italy
Cynthia and Steven Gregory's 1826 Historic Home
Learning Italian in an American Historic Home

Photos courtesy of Lee DeMilo

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