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"Antique Traditions of Sicily Tour"

Sicily is one of the most captivating places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Rich in history, unique culture and traditions, this triangular-shaped island is also called "The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea." Autonomous region of Italy, separated from the Italian Peninsula by the Strait of Messina across from the Region Calabria, Sicily is home to artists, historians, archaeologists, writers, poets, photographers, film makers from all over the world who have a very good reason to make the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea as their own special place. They are all intrigued, dazzled and inspired by Sicily’s own and unique history, art, customs, language (Sicilian) and picturesque landscaping—a mix of Roman-Greek architecture, archaeological sites and temples almost touching the sky; hills of vineyards, prickly pears, olive and lemon groves permeated by the fragrant aroma of citrus diffusing in the air as you look up at Mount Etna (the tallest volcano in Europe); its sunny beaches, mouthwatering local food, and people living content a laid back lifestyle…

Sicily is indeed a unique, interesting and captivating special place, but to get to know the heart of Sicily, you have to explore it through the eyes and soul of a native. Gianluca Butticè has them. Born in Agrigento and founder of Madrelingua Italiana, Inc., in addition to being a teacher, tutor and an interpreter, Gianluca is also a travel planner to Italy. His upcoming “Antique Traditions of Sicily Tour” will take place on May 12-20, 2017 and September 18-26, 2017.

"The traditional Sicilian Cart" - Photo courtesy of Gianluca Butticè. "Taken next to the entrance of the majestic Valley of the Temples of Agrigento. The Sicilian carts, truly artistic and colorful, are decorated with drawings of love and sacrality. According to the Sicilian culture, in the past, these carts and the people in charge of them, were highly regarded."

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