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My Irish Friend Is Going To Italy

My Irish friend Don is going to Italy for the first time in a couple of weeks. He doesn't have time to learn Italian and asked me for advice. He thought that a crash Italian language course would be too overwhelming in such a short, busy time before the trip. I smiled because it's not the first time that I have heard that concern. I suggested to visit, "Audible eBook" page, scroll down the series of audible Italian language eBooks, "Italian for Tourists: Mauro and Carla Bianchi's Trip to Italy" and download them on any of the three platforms listed there. offers both text and audio editions;, text edition only and, audio edition only. The eBooks are written, recorded and translated both in Italian and English and the dialogues are based on real life scenarios."Each audible eBook," I said to Don, "will be your Italian travel companion. It will also help you build your confidence in expressing yourself while speaking proper Italian in real life situations without studying grammar." He got excited and empowered by that thought. As a first-time learner of this romantic language, I recommended Don "Useful Phrases," a series of phrases written and recorded in alphabetical order from English to Italian. (There is also a second version, which is from Italian to English.) I can't wait to hear about my friend's travel experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am sure he will love my beloved "patria" Italy, the cuisine, the warmth of the Italian people and their "dolce vita"; I am also confident that when the trip is over, he will travel back to the U.S. speaking many more Italian useful phrases and those that I will advise him to keep to himself, including the street sign language.

Click on the image of Venice, named "la Serenissima" to access the link

Venice, Italy

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