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Neapolitan Royalty

A step back in time to introduce you to one of the most famous and influential Neapolitan figures in the world, art, theater, poetry and culture of Italy.

#Totò was his stage name as an actor, a comedian, screenwriter, dramatist, lyricist and poet and nicknamed il Principe della Risata. He was born in #Rione#Sanità, a densely populated area called "la #vera#Napoli" (the true Naples) where art, faith, love for Maradona, street culture and history come together in the loud and crowded streets of the city with clothing hanging from the balconies, bars, modest trattorias, #San#Gennaro's catacombs (Naples underground), #San#Severo and "Il #Cristo#Velato" (the veiled Christ) and the Palazzo Spagnolo, just a few of the many places worth to visit when you are in Naples. However, Totò's royal birth name was Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi de Curtis di Bisanzio but to the world he will always be il nostro Grande Totò, il Principe della Risata. (1898-1967)

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