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Posa, from Positano

Updated: Jul 21

Posa, in Ridgefield, CT is more than an Italian restaurant and "vineria" (wine bar). It's a gem, "un ritrovo" (a hangout) where Italians and connoisseurs of Italian cuisine meet to experience and enjoy a perfect fusion of Italian culinary flavors, language sounding like music to one's ear and culture. It's also a perfect place to practice and perfect your Italian language with your favorite waiter...

Massimo, the chef/owner of Posa Ristorante and Vineria is from Positano, one of the most beautiful and romantic places situated along the Amalfi Coast, in the region of Campania, in southern Italy. There he owns a famous restaurant called Max, a very special place known to tourists from all over the world who enjoy exploring the beauty of nature and local treasures there. It's such a gift that Massimo has given us, especially Italians living in Fairfield County, in Connecticut by opening up Posa Ristorate e Vineria. He has brought us a bit of Italy to all of us who are away from our beloved "patria" (homeland) and has made us feel closer to our Italian roots. Grazie also to the "simpaticissimo e cordiale calabrese" (most likable and cordial person from Calabria) Francesco for his fantastic personal and professional skills as waiter. If there was an award to be given to "the best waiter of the year", he would certainly be the winner. He got my vote!

That's what Massimo says about his Staff on Posa's website: "Our chefs come in at 7AM to turn hand-ground flour and farm fresh eggs into the pasta and pizza you’ll eat tonight. Whether you’re here to spend hours in our dining room, enjoy our full menu at our pizza bar, or just stopping by for drinks and charcuterie on our outdoor patio – Eat Well, and Live Long: time is on your side."

I like that!

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