Italian for Tourists: Mauro and Carla Bianchi's Trip to Italy 


Russell Sillery


Russell is my new best friend. He plays the role of narrator and brilliantly introduces the scenarios with his incredible and captivating voice. I also thank

his wife Lenore, for coaching Russell with patience, encouragement, acute observations and advice while sitting quietly and doing her knitting by the fireplace during the recordings.


Mr. Sillery is the CEO of a marketing firm that serves major retailers across North America. He resides in Wilton, Connecticut with his wife and business partner, Lenore, an Italian-American. They have two children, Russell and Michael, and two grandchildren, Isabella and Russell. Both Russell and his wife Lenore enjoy traveling to Italy.

Silvano Stasolla


Silvano is a native Italian, who interprets the Italian version of Mauro’s role, Carla’s husband. His talent and professionalism stem from his great love and passion for his Italian heritage. I appreciate his dedication, skills and commitment, and also thank him for introducing me to new recording software.


Mr. Stasolla was born and raised in Puglia, “the heel of Italy” and moved to Connecticut with his wife Becky and two children, Dany and Crystal, in the late 1990s. He is a self-taught musician, sound technician, graphic artist and magazine editor and holds these positions at a local marketing company. He shares his love and passion for the Italian culture and heritage and plays guitar and sings beautiful traditional Italian songs accompanied by his wife.

Kristie Miller


Kristie is daughter of my best friend Nancy. I thank her for her support, excitement and professionalism that she brought into the work. I admire her stamina and determination and the sacrifice of driving long distance and in difficult circumstances to get the job done. Thank you, Kristie!


Miss Miller was raised in Wallingford, Connecticut and currently lives there. She is an account executive for a local radio station. She loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, skiing and just staring up at the stars. (Being an Italian descendent, she loves her Italian roots and everything that has to do with the Italian language, culture and cuisine.)


Miss Miller explains formalities used by Italians when they introduce themselves and others.

Mark Tuscano


Mark didn’t realize his acting ability. His charming voice lent itself beautifully to the multiple roles he played. He spent numerous hours in the kitchen studio, after a long workday and sometimes on weekends, unaware, on a few occasions, of the crickets chirping in the background on the warm summer evenings. After a good laugh, we resumed work and for this, I admire his patience, kindness and gentle way of handling set backs. The crickets will always be a fun memory of those hot summer evenings. Thank you, Mark! What a gentleman you are!


Mr. Tuscano lives in the New York metropolitan area and has three children: Matthew, Kathryn and Joseph, who share his love of the Italian language and cuisine. When he is not busy as an IT professional, he enjoys running, playing baseball, and spending time with family. He is looking forward to a third visit to Italy to research his Italian ancestry in the Siena area.


Mr. Tuscano plays the role of Mauro Bianchi in the English version as well as several other roles.

Loretana Mallone 


Loretana changed the spelling of her name choosing to use a “t” instead of a “d” (Loredana). This says a lot about her character—she is unique! Her friendship, commitment, patience and understanding have been extraordinary and valuable and I feel blessed for having found in her a true friend, the kind who is there at the time of need without questioning and without conditions! Her gentle ways, kindness and inner beauty shine through her beautiful smile. Thank you, Loretana!


Miss Mallone is a first generation Italian-American. She currently works for a marketing company in Fairfield County, Connecticut and loves to travel and visit new places in the U.S.A. and other countries as well. However, her true love is Italy and she returns there often for vacation and to visit family. She portrayed numerous female characters in the audio plays and found it a great way to fulfill her passion for the Italian language!


Miss Mallone plays several roles—from Marisa Giorgione, Carla’s friend, to a tour guide and the owner of a winery.


Alessandro Marini


Alessandro was the answer to my prayer as he appeared from nowhere when I was searching desperately for a gentlemanly voice for various roles both in Engish and Italian. Thanks to Loretana, I found Alessandro! His dedication, enthusiasm, commitment and availability, despite his busy schedule, have been invaluable to my work and I am grateful for his support and a job well done. Thank you, Alessandro!


Mr. Marini works at a family-run construction business in Connecticut. Although he was born in the United States to native Italian parents, he feels very close to his Italian roots. His love for the Italian culture brings him back to Frosinone every year, where most of his family still lives. It’s out of his passion and love for his Italian heritage that Mr. Marini welcomed the opportunity to introduce others to the Italian language and culture.

Maurizio Ricci


Maurizio plays several roles that have one thing in common: his Roman accent! He is a sweetheart, a true Roman hearththrob loved by all. He is kind, easygoing, fun, ossequious, hardworking and has a great smile. When I asked him the main thing that he would like people to know about him, he replied: “I am a family guy, hardworker, and I was baptized at the Cathedral in St. Peter’s Square.”


Thank you, Maurizio, for just being you!


Mr. Ricci is a native Italian and resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. Born and raised in the Parioli section of Rome, before he moved to the United States, Mr. Ricci was a professional soccer player; he attended a culinary school and worked at his family’s restaurant all his life. Besides his family, soccer and food, Mr. Ricci loves to travel all over the world. Recently, he traveled to Rome for one day to surprise his mother on her birthday.

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