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Our customized Italian language courses 

are focused on Italy's regional practices, which facilitate business relationships between American and Italian enterprises.

Entrusted by Fortune 500 companies, our sales force training includes role playing activities with scripts and audio recordings provided in Italian and English.

Clients say: "Taking Lee's classes is like meeting a friend.  Her style is real, colloquial and you don't get that in a textbook... ."  

"Being in her class is cozy, welcoming and it feels like you are in Italy."  

"I keep coming back and some day I hope I will become an Italian girl and live in Italy."


Mauro and Carla Bianchi's Trip to Italy is a series of 12 audible Italian language e-Books published on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. Written and recorded in Italian and English, these lessons are a practical approach to learn Italian through real-life scenarios, useful phrases and e-Publishing technology to have it all at your fingertips for your next trip to Italy.

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